Airlite Plastics Acquires S&L Plastics

Airlite Plastics Co. is pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2012, it completed its acquisition of S&L Plastics, Inc.

S&L Plastics was a privately held plastics manufacturing company with stock products and custom molding and extruding capabilities. The company, located in Nazareth, PA, was founded in the late 1940’s and produces products for various industry segments and customers. Specifically, Measurex® scoops - plastic scoops for food, beverage, chemical and nutritional products; Nylaflow tubing – premium high performance tubing; Nylatron® extrusion – profile shapes for uses such as wear surfaces, guide rails and edge protectors; and Orthoform® extrusions – sheet extrusion in various gauges for orthopedic and prosthetic applications.

The manufacturing facility will continue to operate as it had prior to the acquisition with all the products and trade names remaining the same. The S&L Plastics name, however, will be retired eventually and the facility will operate as a division of Airlite Plastics.

“We are excited to add the products, plastic processing capabilities and skilled employees from S&L Plastics,” said Brad Crosby (President and CEO of Airlite Plastics). “The addition of this facility provides us with new capabilities, markets and an Eastern location allowing for future growth opportunities.”

For further information, please contact Airlite Plastics' Information Center at 888-228-3506.