• January 01, 2014

    Airlite Plastics Introduces New Square Packaging Options


    The J1851 container incorporates a full wrap IML label to maximize graphic area.  The container allows for a film inner seal which enhances shelf life and product freshness.  The LR8 lid, available in a variety of colors, also incorporates IML graphics.  Together, they offer space-saving packaging with exquisite graphics and superior shelf appeal.

    J Line Family

    The J1851 Line is a full wrap IML container with an optional bottom label and matching IML lid.  In addition, it is available in clear with clear labels.

        J851, 4" square 8 oz. container
        J1251, 4" square 12 oz. container
        J1851, 4" square 18 oz. container
        J3851, 5.5" square 2 lb. size
        J5151, 5.5" square 3 lb. size

        LR8, 4" square used with the J851, J1251 and J1851
        LR9, 5.5" square used with the J3851 and J5151

    Contact your sales representative or for samples or additional information about these products.