Not only is Airlite Plastics an industry leader in plastic packaging solutions, we also specialize in additional product lines that offer high quality at competitive prices, delivered with exceptional customer service.

  • Cold Chain Packaging

    Foam shipping containers and more.             

    Airlite Plastics serves business clients that require foam shipping containers that ensure optimal thermal protection.  Our clients include agricultural, biological, medical, scientific, and pharmaceutical organizations, as well as companies in the food and beverage industries.  We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and cooler thicknesses, or can customize a cooler to meet your company’s specific needs. 

    Learn more at www.airlitecoolers.com.

    In addition to our business solutions, we have two additional divisions serving the EPS market.

    Fox Blocks: Cleverly designed insulated concrete forms (ICF) for green construction

    These economically priced blocks offer construction-friendly design that provide energy efficiency, durability, safety, cost savings and comfort.  We’ve improved the design to speed environmentally friendly construction so that our blocks are

    • reversible, pre-assembled, and easy to use
    • bound with the strongest ties
    • supported with unique corner brackets that add additional strength and make it easy to apply veneer finishes

    As Energy Star partners, all of our blocks and ties are 100% recyclable.

    Learn more at www.foxblocks.com.

    PenguinPak: Online retail portal for foam coolers, gel packs, and cold chain accessories

    We make shipping food items simple with our foam coolers and gel paks, which works especially well for restaurants, specialty food stores, bakeries and those who sell meats and seafood. Whether our customers need dozens of coolers, or just one, PenguinPak makes it easy to order products online that provide the thermal protection customers need for shipping or storage of chilled or frozen items.

    Learn more at penguinpak.com.

  • Fox Blocks

    Industrial strength insulated concrete forms.               

    Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) technology gives you all the benefits of a traditional ICF block - energy efficiency, durability, safety, cost savings and comfort - with special features that make it a better value.

    Fox Blocks’ uniquely clever design of its green and sustainable ICF building system helps speed construction with:

    • Easy-to-use reversible, pre-assembled blocks.
    • Exceptionally strong ties
    • Special corner brackets for additional strength and easy application of veneer finishes

    Learn more at www.foxblocks.com

  • measurex

    The standard in scoops for over 50 years.                   

    For over 50 years measurex® has been providing consumers with the convenience needed for an accurate product dose.

    The measurex® product line started in the late 1950’s. Initially, measuring products were designed and tools were built by the Margon Company in NJ to fill specific customer requirements in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical markets. Over time, the quality reputation of measurex® evolved and the product line grew. In January of 1969, Margon realized the value of the brand they had built and trademarked measurex®. Measurex® continued to grow supplying scoops for national brands such as Swiss Miss, Lipton, Nestle, Lever Brothers, Chock Full o’ Nuts, Kraft, etc. Production of measurex® remained in NJ. under the management of the original owners until 1993, when it was sold to S&L Plastics and moved to Nazareth, PA.

    S&L resumed production of measurex® scoops with a continued focus on quality. Measurex® scoops are produced with lot traceability from raw materials that meet the strict requirements of the Food & Drug Administration. Under S&L’s ownership in 2001, ISO certification was achieved and the facility was recently re-certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

    In April 2012, Airlite Plastics Co. acquired S&L Plastics, including the measurex® product line.  Airlite appreciated the quality reputation of measurex® and saw synergy with the tubs, lids and measuring containers they manufactured.

    Proven manufacturing processes, outstanding quality control, on-time delivery from stock and realistic pricing are all part of the measurex® formula. For over 50 years, that formula has spelled success for many of the largest and smallest companies in the world who use measurex® scoops.

    Learn more at www.measurex.net.

  • Orthoform

    Over 100,000 people rely on our Orthopedic and Prosthetic Sheets.   

    Our Orthoform polyolefin based sheet is durable, has great flexural strength and can be formulated to give you the stiffness or tensile strength you require. 

    Airlite Plastics, Inc monitors our production and material to assure you consistent processing parameters whether you are die cutting, forming or compression molding. Applications include:splints, stiffeners, braces, casts, etc.

  • Nylaflow

    High quality pressure tubing.                     

    Nylaflow Nylon Tubing is high quality pressure tubing, available in several formulations and English and metric dimensions. For applications that require toughness, resilience, a small bend radius, and high burst strength, Nylaflow pressure tubing is a high performance, long-lasting alternative to copper, rubber, aluminum, and other types of plastic tubing. Nylaflow tubing is available with custom markings, cut to length, and custom packaging.

    Types T and H Nylaflow tubing are thin and heavy wall, general purpose tubing made from type 6/6 nylon. These types offer the highest strength and are FDA compliant for use in food or beverage handling applications.

    Type LP Nylaflow tubing is a low pressure, general purpose type 6 nylon tubing. It is heat and light stabilized.

    Nylaflow LM tubing is a premium high flex tubing available in two types: natural or black. Black tubing has improved heat and light stability. Type LM offers excellent chemical resistance and low moisture absorption.

    Standard Nylon 101 mechanical grade tubing is designed for low pressure mechanical applications such as fluid and air transmission. It is an extremely tough, low friction, high flexibility tubing that can be used for cable protectors, or in short pieces as small bushings and washers. S&L Plastics standard nylon is ideal for a wide variety of other mechanical applications where higher pressure ratings are not required. S&L Plastics tubing resists abrasion and wear, is better than aluminum or steel, and has an extremely smooth inner surface with a low coefficient of friction. Nylon 101 is produced on a custom basis and is available in colors, with custom markings and cut to length.

    Both Nylaflow and Standard tubing can be cut with a sharp knife and flared hot or cold. They are odorless, tasteless, and non-corrosive.

  • Fun Kids Cups

    Plastic souvenir cups and lids sized just for kids!

    Our 12 oz cups and lids are designed with kids in mind, and are sturdy take-home reminders of your restaurant or event.  Our cups are ideal for any business catering to kids, from restaurants and hotels to swimming pools or hospitals.

    All of our cups and lids are

    • BPA-free, printed with superb graphic quality
    • contoured to reduce the chance of spills, with tight-fitting lids to prevent leaks
    • easy for small hands to grip
    • designed to accommodate any size straw
    • reusable, dishwasher safe, and recyclable

    Learn more here!