Airlite Plastics

We’re a future-first organization.

We’re proud of our storied past, but our sights are set on the future. Every day, our goal is to better our process, planet, and customers’ business.


At Airlite, we operate with a great sense of conscience and responsibility. Like you, we believe in ingenuity that benefits the greater good – not just the bottom line.

Why Airlite?


Whether it’s pioneering IML packaging, oxygen barrier containers, or HPP applications, we’ve never stood idle in our industry. We tend to lead and let the rest follow.

Why Airlite?


We’re a family-owned company that cares. We don’t have layers of bureaucracy in the way of getting you what you need quickly. There’s a reason we measure customer partnerships in decades.

Why Airlite?


Bring your brand to life with our value-add in-mold labeling (IML), or our dry off-set and “The Look” printing technologies.

In-Mold Labeling

  • Vivid, scratch-resistant graphics
  • Capable of realistic photographic images
  • Works with round and non-round containers
  • Available in full wrap, or 3 and 5-sided labels
  • Provides a singular, premium canvas texture
  • Available in glossy, matte, metallic or clear finish
  • Can be double-sided or peelable for more branding
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A picture of The Look printing on a 17351 container.

The Look™ Printing

  • Reproduces photo-realistic prints using CMYK and drying the UV ink between print stations.
  • Available in unlimited colors, accurately matching 60% of the Pantone book and producing comparable colors for the rest.
  • Vibrantly prints on colored and clear cups by laying down white ink first, then printing color.
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A picture of Dry Offset printing on a K1651 container.

Dry Offset Printing

  • Produces sharp and clean images
  • Production of printing plates is quicker, easier, and done in-house
  • Utilizes an eight-color print process for round containers and lids
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