Why Airlite?


We collaborate, communicate and delight at every turn.

Airlite is a privately-owned packaging company, and we live to delight our food and beverage partners. It is our first priority to become a subject matter expert in your industry so that we can tailor solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

If you’re looking for something customized, that’s when we shine.

We’re a quick, inventive and flexible partner to our clients. We don’t have the red tape and internal obstacles that other manufactures do, which means we can go from a phone conversation to engineering drawings, to a 3-D printed sample in your hands in just a matter of days.

We’re a family-owned business, and we like to treat customers like they’re a part of it. And that means being available and collaborative throughout every stage of development. Let Airlite be your innovation resource.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Another way we stay responsive to customers is by helping them administer their inventory and automate their ordering process. It’s a simple min-max program, committed to monitoring your inventory and producing more product when it’s necessary.

  • Lowers your operating costs
  • Ensures in-demand goods are in stock
  • Reduces risk of you having depleted stock

Marketing Services

Insight and experience at every turn.

When you work with Airlite, we get to know your company’s needs. Each recommendation we make along the way is backed by the in-depth consumer research of our Marketing Services team.

Internally, Marketing Services works closely with our designers and engineers to quickly generate product mock-ups so customers can see how a package or design could look and feel before making a decision.

Whether it’s market research, a physical prototype, or building shelf sets of your brand ideated on store shelves, our Marketing Services team goes the extra mile for you.

We're dedicated to getting you what you need efficiently, transparently, and better than you imagined.

We're a future-first organization

We’re proud of our storied past, but our sights are set on the future. Like you, we believe in ingenuity that benefits the greater good—not just the bottom line.