IML is short for in-mold labeling, the most premium decoration option in the rigid plastic packaging industry.

The graphics are pre-printed onto a thin layer of polypropylene, the same material as the container. The label is placed into the injection molding process, where it becomes fused with the package itself. The process creates a clean, smooth look and an easy one-step recycling process without any labels to remove.

They are easier to recycle. The in-mold label, container, and lid are all made from the same material (polypropylene), which means there's no need to remove a label before it goes into the recycling bin. Also, IML packages are incredibly durable and can be reused for food storage to make the most of a container's life cycle.

Yes, however, we always encourage customers to run product life-cycle testing with our oxygen barrier packaging to learn exactly how long their shelf life will be extended.

Absolutely! We've designed very modular production lines that enhance our small-batch capabilities. Without building brand new molds, machines, or robotics, we can introduce a new product just by making a subset of existing cores and cavities. And we can do that faster and more affordable than anyone in our industry.

Yes. We currently offer tamper-resistant, breakaway tabs in our M Line and B Line IML packaging.

Proudly! All injection molded performance packaging is made in the United States.

The Look™ is a printing process that produces some of the best quality graphics on the market. Priced between standard dry-offset printing and premium in-mold labeling, The Look™ can reproduce impressively detailed, picture quality prints at an economical price point.

Other than a few of our drink cup offerings, all Airlite performance packaging is injection molded.

Yes. We traditionally offer most containers in natural and white, but depending on the container and/or lid, we can match nearly any PMS color upon request.

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