• Print directly on containers and lids using our high-speed, dry offset presses in up to 8 colors.

  • Maximize your decoration area, no matter the product’s size or shape.

  • Photo quality labels are applied during the molding process for dynamic visual impact.

  • Labels can be applied to most containers and lids. They are an excellent way to decorate clear containers allowing the consumer to see both striking graphics and the product.

  • Print


  • Shrink Sleeve

    Shrink Sleeve

  • In-Mold (IML)

    In-Mold (IML)

  • Pressure Sensitive

    Pressure Sensitive

Product Selector

If you need your product to capture the spotlight among shelves of competitors, you’ve come to the right place. Airlite Plastics specializes in customized solutions for injection molded packaging, including a variety of decorating options and proprietary product design. From a 2 oz container to a 4 gallon bucket, we’ll ensure your products stand out from the competition. We also produce additional product lines, including drink cups and containers and lids for varied end-use products.