What makes a consumer gravitate towards a specific brand in a category flooded with options? What catches our attention when we’re walking down the yogurt aisle? Container shape? Size? Color? Detail of the brand imagery? Maybe it’s all of the above.


Our Grandmas told us not to judge a book by its cover. But she didn’t mention anything about yogurt packaging, did she? We can’t help but be persuaded by the look of a product that stands out on the shelf. First impressions matter, especially when the average consumer usually chooses from hundreds of options in about 3-5 seconds.

Standing out on the shelf is a lot easier when you can differentiate. At Airlite, we offer a portfolio of nearly 200 injection molded containers, which include a growing number of single-serve and multi-serve yogurt cups. This includes cups 80mm and 95mm in diameter and 4oz, 5.3oz, 6oz, 24oz and 32oz in volume.

Airlite’s yogurt cup portfolio checks all the boxes for standard retail yogurt sizes for traditional, Greek, or Skyr yogurt. But most importantly, it provides shape and decoration options that help differentiate your product. In addition to our traditional round cups, we offer yogurt cups with rounded tops and “sqround” bottoms for a unique, eye-catching shape. And when it comes to labeling, nothing says “look at me” in the store aisle like our IML cups with in-mold labeling. IML packaging is Airlite’s most striking and premium decoration option, but all cups can be decorated with either traditional dry offset printing, flexographic printing, or in-mold labeling to accommodate any price point.

In addition to standing out on the shelf, our yogurt cups are recyclable too! Made from all mono-material PP (polypropylene), the label and the yogurt cup don’t need to be separated to be recycled, which allows for a simple, one-step recycling process. As of 2022, polypropylene is considered widely recycled by How2Recycle and is only increasing in its recyclability rate year over year.

At Airlite, “The Sky’s the Limit!”. While we’re proud of our extensive packaging portfolio, we understand you may be looking for something different. We’ll work with your team to customize yogurt packaging that can make a big first impression in the grocery aisle, increase product shelf-life, and align with the sustainability initiatives important to you and your customers.