We’re excited to announce that Airlite Plastics has acquired National Polymers LLC, their assets, and their proprietary scoop line.

National Polymers have been producing their National Measures® scoops since 2003, along with other custom molding lines for various end markets. And their successful custom injection molding business has been operating since its founding in 1972.

We’re glad to say that as part of Airlite, the National Polymers team will continue to operate from their current location in Lakeville, Minnesota. All current National Polymers team members and leadership, including Operations Manager, Larry Davis, will remain in place and report to Tony Alfieri, Airlite Plastics’ Vice President and General Manager of our Pennsylvania division.

Airlite is excited to welcome the team at National Polymers LLC into the Airlite family. Beyond providing us with another scoop manufacturing location and a great mix of customers, the acquisition is a good culture fit. Like Airlite, they have been committed to providing eco-conscious options for clients, manufacturing scoops that utilize 100% FDA-approved PCR (post-consumer recycled) resin.

National Measures® scoops will greatly complement Airlite’s own MeasureX® scoop product line and will help us continue to strengthen our position as the market leader in the bulk dosage measuring scoops space.

 “As we welcome National Measures® into the Airlite Plastics family, our plan will be to strategically align best practices based on our years of experience at MeasureX® and the years of experience at National Measures. Ultimately, joining these two companies will provide customers with a more robust supply chain solution and enhanced quality and service.”
– Brad Crosby, President & CEO of Airlite Plastics Co.